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MrWebFixit fixes dead and broken websites, steps in to finish websites abandoned by their original designers, and updates sites that need changes.

Melinda Gros

"Nostradamus fixes all my website problems, quickly, accurately, with no fuss, no muss.  He maintains our website and we always look good."

— Melinda Gros, President,
Melinda G™ Maternity and
Nursing Bras

John Essick

"Great job and a real pleasure working with you."

— John Essick, President,

MrWebFixit can bring your website back to life when it goes offline. We'll help you with domain names, web hosting, and email problems.

We can enhance your web site with compelling and memorable animation and interactive features, using Flash, Swish Max, and Javascript.

MrWebFixit can take your audio tapes and videos and put them on your website for all the world to see.

If you need to stay in touch with clients, patients, customers or web visitors, we can set up mailing lists, RSS feeds and Twitter accounts.

MrWebFixit can update your site when the information on it needs to be changed. Or we can set up software (such as a content management system) that will enable you to do it yourself.

We can also solve problems with your domain names and email accounts, or move you to a new webhosting service if your current provider is unreliable or too expensive.

Whenever you have problems with your website, call MrWebFixit at 212-581-1362 (a service of Nostradamus Advertising).

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When your website is on the fritz, call the website repairmen at 212-581-1362 (a service of Nostradamus Advertising).

Websites we've repaired

EssickWrite home page

EssickWrite provides grantwriting, fundraising, and related services to not-for-profit organizations. They are particularly strong in the health, social services and cultural sectors.

When the clienit's web designer was unable to go forward, we built the site from his Photoshop files.

Contemporary African Art Gallery

Contemporary African Art Gallery
A small and exclusive New York City gallery devoted entirely to contemporary African fine art.

We programmed an administrative interface so the client could upload pictures and revise content without our intervention. We also consult on SEO.


Brandsphere is an international corporate consulting firm, specializing in government relations and strategic planning.

When the original designer was unavailable, we reorganized the pages and revised the flash navigation.

Nursing bras

Melinda G Nursing Bras
Melinda G is a specialty manufacturer with nationwide retail distribution.

The original designer is no longer in business. We handle all web maintenance, adding and deleting content, new pages, navigation, Javascript, domain issues, etc.

Turtle Rock Productions

Turtle Rock Productions
Emmy Award-winning documentary films, since 1993, from director/producer/writer Pamela Mason Wagner and writer/producer/composer Thomas Wagner. They call their specialty "non-fiction storytelling."

We built the site followng Tom Wagner's own design and using his Photoshop images.

Chevra Adas Wolkowisk

Chevra Adas Wolkowisk
This small New York City synagogue wanted to project the unique and creative nature of their organization.

We built the site for designer Adrienne Weiss. Includes Flash animation, music and Javascript.

Westside Pack and Ship

Westside Pack and Ship

Your friendly, neighborhood shipping center and copy shop.

We handle their web maintenance.