Why I want to run for Congress

I want to create jobs by investing in our infrastructure. I want to advocate for those who need the protection of a social safety net. As Mayor, I have a proven record of advocacy for a challenged municipality. I have a proven record of growing Wappingers Falls by investing in its core, creating jobs and making a better place to start and keep a business. We grew 17%, I want to see that kind of growth for all of America and all of its citizens.

Matt Alexander

Americans deserve a better government: a smart, efficient, and focused government.  I want to be a steward to the people of the 18th Congressional District, advocating for improving public infrastructure, the protecting the environment and the working to create employment opportunities.

Send me to Washington to represent ALL of our district!

As a financial professional I watched this Congress play politics with our credit without regard for working Americans.  In Congress I will pay attention to what matters most to our district - jobs and our infrastructure, improved public education, fighting for the rights of collective bargaining, and increased access to quality health care.

Matt Alexander working for usI have managed a government budget. I have worked with regulatory agencies to protect the quality of life in the Hudson Valley, while ensuring job creation.  And I’ve worked across the aisle to address the needs of my constituencies, earning me the endorsement of both Democratic and Republican parties.

Government should work! 
I want to work for you!


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